Hair is the crown we never take off – You’re right! That’s why we always want it to look beautiful. Your hair symbolizes even your personality. Felt so? Felt more confident with a glorious crown? Stressed when something happens to your crown?

Worried about hair problems?

Don’t worry. We understand how important it is to protect your crowning glory. Your hair needs complete care, from root to tip. Get the best hair treatments with Prime Skin,Hair clinic Calicut’s best hair care clinic.

Hair loss treatment

Healthy and beautiful hair can enhance your appearance. That’s why we are concerned about hair loss problems. Hair loss can affect just your scalp or your entire body. It could be temporary or permanent. Hair fall can happen due to various reasons like age, poor diet, hormonal imbalance, other medical conditions, and even hereditary.  The key to treating hair loss is to find out what’s causing it. Get opinions from the best hair care doctors in Calicut. Find out the cause and treat the cause.

Hair growth treatment

Styling hair has become a good way to express ourselves so we’d better make sure it’s looking preened, polished and gorgeous at all times. Experiencing dull and unhealthy hair? Sometimes, if the hair growth is improper, you may feel slightly upset. No more worry about poor hair growth. Get the best hair growth treatment in Calicut and nourish your hair naturally. We offer the most trusted hair growth treatment in Calicut.

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is derived from the bloodstream and has been used for years to treat musculoskeletal conditions, and more recently, skin conditions. Colloquially termed “vampire” treatments, PRP injected into the skin or used after micro-needling (a technique that uses small needles to create microscopic skin wounds) may help to improve skin texture and appearance. Recently, PRP has garnered attention as a promising solution for one of the most challenging problems in dermatology: hair loss.